Teeth Whitening

The mission of our team at Nail Boutique is to make you happy, but we especially want to focus on making you smile even more beautifully with our Teeth Whitening service and the Absolute dentist-grade products and treatments.
There’s nothing like a whiter smile to complement that tan beach body. And, after all, a whiter smile makes you look five to 10 years younger! Face it, when you know your teeth look healthier and brighter, you talk more and smile wider. Brightening your teeth can produce immediate, positive changes in your appearance and attitude without making it obvious to those around you just exactly what changes you've made.
With the increased confidence of a strong smile, you may find yourself taking more chances, working up the nerve to talk to that guy or ask for that promotion. With brighter teeth, you may also be more motivated to take good care of your overall oral health, avoid behaviors that may stain your teeth, and brush and floss more often. Unlike with some other cosmetic dentistry procedures, teeth whitening has an immediate visible effect that may keep you focused on maintaining your beautiful smile.
So how does it all work? The Absolute gel that’s applied contains carbamide peroxide that oxidizes on the surface of the teeth, whitening the enamel. While it whitens and lifts stains, the gel doesn’t make your teeth more porous – it’s completely safe and results are immediate. This cosmetic treatment can last 6 to 12 months and can be repeated every 6 to12 months or whenever desired
In less than an hour, expect an average of one to seven shades lighter after each treatment, depending upon your daily use of coffee, tea, soda, red wine or nicotine. Multiple treatments can be performed to increase results.

30-Minute Session


Touch-up Sessions


Three-Session Package

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